Vehicle customizing has long been a popular past time for enthusiasts. We work with many clubs and forums supporting this popular past time.

Obviously our specialty is offering interior and exterior restyling services, primarily associated with wraps. Changing the color of a vehicle, adding matte finish or carbon fiber accents, etc is our most popular services.

This example shows a 1991 Jaguar center console that has been stripped of the failing factory wood and wrapped

Jaguar Dash wrapped in wood grain DiNoc

Below is a BMW 135 factory rear fascia, wrapped in 3m Dinoc Carbon Fiber

BMW 135 Rear Fascia in DiNoc

Below is a factory Honda Radio that has been wrapped in 3M DiNoc Carbon Fiber

Honda Fit Radio wrapped in DiNoc

Below are factory Mazda RX-7 dash pieces wrapped in 3M DiNoc Carbon Fiber

Mazda RX-7 DiNoc Dash

Here are few exterior examples as well…. Below is a Neon SRT-4 hood wrapped in 3M DiNoc Carbon Fiber

Neon SRT-4 DiNoc Hood Wrap

Pontiac G8 with 3M DiNoc Carbon Fiber accent wraps on the rear view mirrors, door handles, and rear spoiler

Pontiac G8 Mirror and Handle wrapped in DiNoc

Pontiac G8 spoiler wrapped in DiNoc

As you can see, you are only limited by your imagination. This works great on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, scooters… you name it!

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