Floor graphics are particularly valuable because more branding messages can be created in an area where space is limited.  Today’s diagram of retail product placement, is often jumbled with too many consumables, making for a confusing shopping experience with little product identification.

“We’re running out of space to get people’s messages across, but floor space allows the retailer as well as the brand owner to get their message out at the point of sale.”

Using more creative applications also helps a message stand out while reinforcing the brand identity, which is the ultimate goal of floor graphics. Take, for instance, a Heineken floor graphic in a grocery store. Instead of a square piece of vinyl filled with copy, create a Heineken bottle-shaped graphic in front of the beer cooler. Or maybe try a round pizza graphic for Red Baron in the frozen food section.

These images are more interesting to the eye and leave a stronger product connection. With a powerful graphic, you can increase sales, and we can become a more valuable business partner and marketing solution for you.

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