Perforated Window Vinyl
Perforated window vinyl was originally designed to cover the windows of vehicles while allowing the occupant to see out and at the same time making the entire surface of a vehicle an advertising space. The same concept applies to storefront windows, which represent a huge amount of wasted advertising real estate.

It didn’t take long to realize the potential of digitally printed perforated vinyl on storefront windows to create a billboard-sized graphic at ground level, drawing potential customers directly to the front doors.

Perforated vinyl on store windows not only takes advantage of a large advertising space, but also offers privacy by blocking the view in while allowing those inside to see out. Since the vinyl is up to 60 percent solid, it also reduces light and heat, much like tinting. This effect is increased if the majority of the image is white or pastel colors.

Unfortunately, the view through the vinyl is reversed at night if the lights are on the inside (like window tint), and the saturation of colors on perforated vinyl is not as intense as on solid vinyl, but these are minor disadvantages when compared to the benefit of covering the building with high-impact graphics.

If you haven’t already investigated the possibilities of window graphic applications, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your local ordinance allows for considerable flexibility so that you can showcase the goods and services offered your company with high-impact, see-through window advertisements.

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