NovoWorks Vehicle Wrap
The old advertising expression, You have to touch your audience with ads 7 times before your perspective clients remember you, probably holds more true today than any time in the past. Advertising is bombarding people from everywhere and in or to truly stand out and get noticed you need clear, clean, effective ads to impress your company’s goods and services onto your perspective clients.

Consider that a vehicle wrap can provide your company with over 16 million targeted impressions per year, that means that 16 million times your ad is being seen by someone. If you live in a city with a million people (D/FW’s population is 6.5 million!), that means that you will be seen by everyone in the city 16 times every year. People will come to recognize your company, and they will remember your offering and when they need your services or goods.

The impressions you will get from your clients and perspective clients with a vehicle wrap is incredible, but only if your vehicle wrap impresses them with your brand’s message and design. The message you want to convey must be clear to be effective. You only have 3-5 seconds to impress upon the audience who you are, what you do, and why they should remember your company over your competition.

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