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Assuming you haven’t become familiarized with QR codes yet, picture this: An immediate and direct way of connecting with a particular product, service or web location through a quick, two-dimensional barcode-like scan using your personal smart-phone, iPad or Tablet computer. In the most simplistic terms, that’s the benefit of QR codes. There is obviously a more detailed explanation of how these codes can be used in the sign and graphics industry.


The square QR code isn’t as complex as it looks. It acts as a link between one party’s intended information and the party on the viewing end. The black matrix pattern of a QR code stores information such as web addresses that can be tied into print ads, signage displays and more. Audiences exposed to the code are encouraged to scan the patterned square with a properly equipped smart phone in order to obtain and quickly access the stored information.

Some niches have caught on faster than others. That’s not to say that others won’t follow in using QR codes readily on signage and displays.

Real Estate Sign with QR Code
The real estate industry is a prime example. One of the neat things about it is that every listed house has a dedicated website with a QR code right on the ‘for sale’ sign for that house. You can place a code on the sign and someone can snap a photo and be brought to the website to get more information.
The code makes life simple for a prospective home buyer who wants to collect important information quickly while compiling data to make a crucial purchasing decision. Take this a few steps ahead and one might be able to see where these codes could become a valuable asset in more and more industries.

Just as intended, the QR code simplifies the researching and buying process for an individual. By getting information into a person’s hands easily and quickly, there are advantages to all parties involved.

You use can even use QR codes on your business cards to allow someone to scan the code and add all your contact information into their phone automatically!

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Print Ad with QR Code

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